Who He Is

There is one word that describes Tyler Wilson.

We won’t tell you what that word is, of course, as that would ruin the excitement of discovering it for yourself. Don’t be tempted to settle on such gems as “devious”, “charming”, “slick”, “fresh”, “painfully-funny”, or even “expert”. Sure, Tyler embodies these traits with his magic, but he is so much more.

While you’re busy trying to describe him, Tyler is busy making your event an enormous success.

Having traveled around the globe to perform for Fortune 500 companies, world-class resorts, Hollywood elite, and even royalty, Tyler has the expertise to customize his magic to not only entertain your guests, but to make you look like a superstar in the process. As an event organizer, you have a lot to worry about, but by putting the entertainment in Tyler’s highly-skilled hands, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to handle the mountain of praise you’ll be buried under.

Premium Entertainment

What He Does

Types of shows

Tyler specializes in close-up magic.

This means that instead of you having to watch a distant stage, he brings the stage to you. Everything happens mere inches from your dropped jaw. This style of magic allows your guests to be entertained on a personal level. They are engaged. They aren’t just watching a show, they’re a part of it. Tyler flows around your event, giving small groups of people exclusive, private performances that make them feel like VIPs.

By focusing solely on close-up magic, Tyler has honed and perfected his craft. He has dedicated tens of thousands of hours to become a recognized expert in his field. Whether your event is in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Northern California, or even farther, here’s your chance to treat your guests to something truly special.

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Corporate Events

Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, Hewlett Packard, Shell, Re/Max, and Hyatt have all trusted Tyler to bring sophisticated, stylish entertainment to their events. They can’t risk hiring someone cheesy or unprofessional, and neither can you. Even if you’re not a Fortune 500 company, let Tyler treat you like one.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a fierce competition. You want delegates to sit up and take notice of your product. Unfortunately, so does the stand next to yours. With a conference center full of sensory overload, you need something to set your stand apart, something to prevent delegates from simply walking by, something to attract them into your booth. Not something, but someone: Tyler Wilson. His real magic is the ability to convert foot traffic into leads. He works closely with your marketing goals to customize his performances, stopping delegates cold in their tracks with entertaining magic, focused on your company’s objectives. Contact us to learn how your next trade show can make an impact.

Private Parties

We’ve all seen parties in Hollywood movies with off-the-charts excitement levels, and thought, “Wow, I wish I could throw a party that electric!” Followed immediately by, “But, you know, without all the cops showing up, or mom and dad coming home early.” Wish no more. Along with the option of Tyler flowing from group to group as described above, Tyler can enhance your event by bringing everyone together for a very special, very intimate one-hour close-up show. The show is designed to be fully electrifying and fully interactive, getting your entire guest list involved for an experience they’ll never forget. From this point on, every cinematic party you see on the big screen will feel like a documentary.

Shark Tank

Blisters. Coolers. Paper. Juice. #2 Man. Dealing from the cellar. These are just a few animals you hope to never come across in the wild. They’re expert cheating techniques that card sharks use to drain your life savings faster than you can scream, “All In!” Tyler has perfected these skills “for entertainment purposes only”, which gives your guests the rare opportunity to be swindled by a cheat, and still walk away with wallets in their pockets and smiles on their faces. They will be taken to the cleaners, and then taken to the cleaners (but the real cleaners this time, after they pee their pants a little from the excitement). Give your guests the gift of feeling expertly conned with this unique entertainment. It’s perfect for your casino, fun casino, or private event. This ain’t no Go Fish.


You’ve seen Tyler’s work grace the screens of major television networks. Whether it’s for his shockingly creative approach to magic, or his deep knowledge of sleight-of-hand techniques, industry leaders count on Tyler to give their projects an enormous “WOW” factor. If you need thinking so far out of the box that you’ll never have to hear cliches like “thinking outside the box”, then you need Tyler.

Kids Shows

Tyler doesn’t do kids shows.

Why You Need Him

Give your guests goosebumps.

“Good enough” isn’t good enough. Your guests deserve the very best. There are a lot of entertainment options out there for your event, but most are just passive, time-fillers that blend into the background. This is the reason why close-up magic is one of the fastest-growing choices of entertainment for top-notch events around the world — organizers like yourself want to leave guests with an experience, a story, a memory to last a lifetime. Here’s your chance to be remembered.

But not all close-up magic is created equal. And that’s where Tyler Wilson comes in. It isn’t just the general public who adores Tyler, he is even in high demand by other magicians. He creates magic that is so fun and fooling that magicians around the world hire him to teach his unique creations and performing style to sold-out, magician-only seminars and conventions. Get the magician that other magicians strive to be like. Get the original.

You don’t need a magician, you need Tyler Wilson.

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What Clients Say

“Even Pixar can’t make stuff look this good.”


Corporate Event

“We also had a band and comedian at our event, but the only thing people were talking about the next day was Tyler.”


Corporate Event

“If Tyler was born 2000 years ago, we would have two bibles today.”



“Wow! I had no idea magic could be like this.”

Prince of the UAE

Private Event

“Thank God he only uses his powers for good, or we’d be thiiiiiiis close to having a supervillain on our hands.”

Food Network

Show Taping

“We will continue to hire Tyler Wilson year after year until Vegas steals him away. It’s only a matter of time.”


Corporate Event

“Talented. Dedicated. Great at what he does. Tyler Wilson is the kind of guy you want to hate, yet can’t help but love.”


Corporate Event

“With his skill, he could’ve stolen our wallets. Instead, he stole our hearts. Wait, that’s cheesy; please don’t use it on your website.”


Shark Tank